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First, their automated system claimed they did not receive the giftcards, when they did get them 4 days ago.

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Coinstar is teaming up with retailers, who essentially pay the service fee on behalf of consumers, who then choose retailer-specific gift cards.Coinstar makes conversion of loose change into paper currency, donations and gift cards via coin counter kiosks.

According to their website, none of the CoinStar machines in my area will give out Amazon gift cards.Get paid for your gift cards at your local grocery, and department stores.Not all stores with the coin kiosk will have the gift card kiosk.Click here to view a list of gift cards accepted at a location near you.Lessons Learned at the Coinstar Machine. In all fairness, the Find a Kiosk feature did list all of the gift card options for that particular machine.Contents 1 Coinstar Kiosk 2 Why not to use it 3 Gift Card Rescue.Find kiosks, check-cashing, department or grocery stores near you.Coinstar kiosks turn the coins you toss in a jar into something you really want—like cash, a NO FEE eGift Card, or a charity donation.

Gift Card Exchange WalletHub Score (100 Max) Average Discount Shipping Fee Payment Options.Easy: Shop and pay with gift cards on desktop, tablet or mobile.Sell your gift cards for cash (or, another gift card) at a gift card exchange location near you.

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You have to have an actual physical gift card to insert into the CoinStar machine. 9.Find Coinstar location near you. Gift cards and eCertificates.

If you have ever purchased a Gift Card from a kiosk in the s state of Washington from January 21, 2010 through April 19, 2016, and who attempted to but could not.I think your best bet is to sell to a giftcard site or Coinstar.I was able to buy GCs from them using Discover card in Q4 2014 and that helped max out the 5% category.

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Coinstar in Las Vegas, Nevada: complete list of store locations,.So, without futher ado, here is how to turn gift cards into cash. You simply find a yellow Coinstar Exchange machine, insert your gift card,.

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There are other gift cards you can choose from but Amazon is my favorite.

Based on a few pricings that I made, it appears that they sometimes offer payout rates comparable to other resellers, but I never found them higher.

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How Coinstar gets away with not charging a transaction fee. Coinstar charges.

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Sometimes selling your gift cards to unknown sources can be.

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The rep told me that these machines have been around for 2-3 years.The reason I found this one interesting is because judging from their Alexa rating, they seem to be a nice size company, slightly smaller than GiftCardZen.The Frugal Girl. cheerfully living on. to you by Coinstar, but the Amazon gift card is brought. your Christmas shopping list.

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The only thing is that sometimes their system flags an order for manual review so the e-giftcard is not emailed out immediately if I order at 10pm.

Scan or swipe the gift card. (They have both a scanner and a swiper as part of the kiosk.) This may work for e-gift cards which come with a bar-code.Coinstar kiosks count all your change for a fee of 9.8 cents on the dollar.

Amazon and Coinstar: cash goes in, gift certificates come out.

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